Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Luca Palermo, Botanical Illustrator

At the home of Luca Palermo, Botanical Illustrator

Luca became interested in botanical illustration in 1979. After graduating with merit in medicine and surgery,  Luca started to work professionally as a botanical artist, exhibiting his works in London, Oxford, prior to Italy. He also started to teach painting in a variety of institutions including ‘Naturalistic illustration and painting’ at l'Universit√† Popolare di Roma U.P.T.E.R and Centro Studi Arti Floreali. He gave seminars on ‘Botanical Illustration’ at Rome Botanical Garden at the La Sapienza university and taught ‘Painting Techniques’ at L’accademia di costume e Moda in Rome. In 2009 Luca finished 175 paintings for the project “Dioscoride Napoletano” under the direction of Naples Botanic Garden; a monumental work of translation, classification and iconographic reconstruction of vegetables described by Pedanio Dioscoride di Anazarbo  in “On medicinal material.” His work can be found in The Royal Collection at Windsor Castle (his Taraxacum was purchased by Queen in 1985), The Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, The Shirley Sherwood Collection, The Fitzwilliam Museum, the collections of Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, and COINOR, Ateneo “Federico II” di Napoli and Mapes Monde at St. Thomas, Virginia. Luca holds a gold RHS medal for his series of Chinese peonies.

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